Lviv Fashion Week. Day 3

      The third day of Lviv Fashion Week started with the shows of collections of fresh designers for the first time participating in Fashion Week. Kateryna Vekshyna (Novhorod, Russia) showed a collection “for a city girl striving to be diverse”. These are dresses, tops, blouses, pants, shorts and skirts in white and red colour range with floral ornaments. Artist and jeweler Maya Kotelnytska demonstrated handmade jewelry collection in the style of 20th -30th of the twentieth century. Models on the catwalk were in black, this was the background colour for fine jewelry designs made of silvery copper, pearls, stones, glass and feathers.

      Beata Stultica and Natalia Hampl presented a refined, elegant and still sexual collection of wedding dresses that reflected an unusual view of bride of contemporary designers. The collection models are open, rather provocative – short dresses worn with asymmetrical contours, transparent dresses with chiffon stratification, tight dresses with guipure insets, but despite all this “nonstandardness” this is a classic wedding total white look.

      Iryna Chernetska and Natalia Goncharuk demonstrated Seasons swimsuit collection. To create the collection, the designers were inspired by the diversity of textures and motifs of crochet techniques. The idea is to render seasonality, each swimsuit thematically corresponds to one of the months of the year. A swimsuit’s correspondence to a month was underlined by accessories (bags, hats, shoes) and the colour range.

      Jujen Fashion for next spring-summer season offers epatageus, bright and aggressive hints. Dominant colours – black and purple, also white and blue. Pants, jackets and short dresses in sports style decorated with metal furniture were gradually changed for the variants close to evening wear during the fashion show. The collection makes use of fabrics, satin fabrics, chiffon, silk and lace.

      Maryana and Iryna Kuriy created their new collection The emotions equator for the summer holidays. Sun, sea, beach are everyone’s dream in cold rainy autumn. The main colours of the collection are red, green and blue, which in view of the designers symbolize tan, palm trees and sea. This is clothes that not only creates sunny mood, but also forces to plunge into a sea of summer emotions. The most prevalent models are those for men – shirts, shorts, lightweight jackets and pants, but the collection also includes female models.

      Natalia and Aleksandr Ursulyak offered business attire collection for 2010 spring/summer season. This is simple cut loose clothes of casual style – suits, sun-dresses, blouses, romantic silk dresses. All models are convenient and comfortable for wearing, light, bearing quiet tones. As a decoration element Boykivskyy ancient handmade embroidery pattern is used.

      The source for the collection creation for Natalia Mischenko and Ulyana Nedoshytko was the story of H.Kvitka-Osnovyanenko The Konotop Witch. The catwalk presented the images of witch-girls in ethnic style. Black and grey collection, in which red and white serve only as accents, appeals with original interpretation of the theme and the wealth of details – decorative (embroidery, applique, hand quilting, hemstitched fasteners) and constructive (belts, waist belts, suspenders, shoulder pads). An original print of cats – magical creatures, regular witches’ accessories – became an unexpected addition.

      Diana Davydchuk also offered some ethnics, not Ukrainian, but eastern, for 2010 spring/summer season. The new collection of the designer was inspired by traditional attire of women of Muslim East. The podium was ascended by barefooted models with veiled faces, dressed in sharovary-trousers or dresses decorated with paintings and embroidery. The collection primary colours are black, white, pink, and blue.

      Marharyta Kozak and Tetiana Harmatyuk introduced a new "non-standard" collection of female clothes, which is on the edge of comfort and theatricality. The idea of the collection is that body and clothes should be one integral whole, clothes should reveal femininity. Blouses, skirts, pants, and dresses are made in pastel-beige color range, without excessive extravagance; natural fabrics, fur, and semi-precious stones are used.

      Viktoria Selezniova dedicated her new collection to the memory of Michael Jackson – the style icon and pop king for many generations. The podium was dominated by black, white, and red colours. The basis of the collection models (dresses, pants, and jackets) is interpretation of the characteristic elements of stage costumes of Michael Jackson, in which he appeared at concerts and in music videos. The collection makes use of sharp colour contrasts, accentuated shoulder line in military style, typical of Michael’s accessories – hats, white socks, and gloves.

      For 2010 spring/summer season Ulyana Barabash offered the collection with a rather original concept – based on the ground of interpretation of the Mayan calendar symbolism. The models on the catwalk were in exquisite olive dresses and suits, complemented with leather accessories – belts, gloves, bags, and shoes. Olive, as well as children's models, symbolizes new beginning after the 2012 apocalypse ending the calendar. The collection makes use of simple forms of the Mayan calendar: square, circle, triangle; the cut of each model is based on one of the forms, so there is actually no designing. The designer successfully used draping of fabrics by creating graceful feminine images.

      The Grand Style salon presented at the Lviv Fashion Week new off-season collection of evening dresses, added by exquisite and light fur coats and short mantle. The designers resorted to rather topical theme of glamorous gatherings, offering clothes for parties, presentations and red-carpet events.

      Lviv designer Olena Romanova demonstrated a collection “for a wide range of clients”, combining folk traditions with modern trends, bright colours with pastel ones. In our view, creating an integral and balanced collection is much more important than reaching maximum audience.

      A special guest of Lviv Fashion Week, designer Rabia ben Barka (Libya), presented a collection in Afro-Arabic style. The overall image of the collection bears a characteristic hallmark of Libian traditions. This is a mixture of Islamic, African and desert influences. Rabia ben Barka offers both men and women mostly wide, loose clothes, stratification of fabrics and elements, complex embroidered ornaments, scarves and mantles used as hats and heavy silver jewellery. The collection makes use of expensive fabrics, embroidered with silver and gilding, and a variety of colours. North African traditions, in particular, pattern, are combined with Western cuts and forms. The show of Rabia ben Barka, which crowned the final day of Lviv Fashion Week, impressed with its exoticism and positive effect.


1. Beata Stultica & Natalia Hampl

2. Katerina Vekshyna

3. Maya Kotelnytska

4. Irina Chernetska & Natalia Goncharuk

5. Yujen fashion

6. Maryana & Iryna Kuriy

7. Natalia & Aleksandr Ursulyak

8. Natalia Mishchenko & Ulyana Nedoshytko

9. Diana Davydchuk

10. Margaryta Kozak & Tetyana Harmatyuk

11. Viktoria Selezniova

12. Ulyana Barabash

13. Grand style

14. Olena Romanova

15-16. Rabia ben Barka


Photo: Aleksandr Shamov



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